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More great ice cream parlours in Barcelona!

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Cool down with awesome flavours in Barcelona.

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It’s summertime… And with summer heat comes ice cream that’s so sweet! Although a few months ago I wrote an article on where to find the best ice cream in Barcelona, I have been revisiting providers of ice cool deliciousness around Barcelona in a bid to keep you all up to date on the best. Without further ado, here are some great and unique places to get an ice cream in Barcelona.


I’m going to get this one out of the way first because I wrote about it before, but after revisiting the place, I still think it’s worthy for anyone to visit. With such unique flavours on offer here, you have to visit at least once! Their HD ice cream is something that will probably have you revisiting as they have over 50 different flavours. From normal flavours like Ceylon Cinnamon or Strawberries… interesting ones like Violet Sorbet or Green tea… and the downright weird, like Dijon Mustard or Grilled Prawns. The prices could be better, at around €4.50, so go once for a cool experience and choose a unique ice cream.


I heard about this one on the TripAdvisor forums and thought I’d visit. They have all the varieties that you would expect for ice creams, like chocolate and vanilla, as well as more luxurious flavours like cream, truffle, and after eights. There are also sugar free options, which I think is always a plus. However, the real reason to come here is for the Horchatas and Granizados (ice drinks). The Horchata is a very Spanish drink to cool off during the summer heat, and the ones here are brilliant. There are also a variety of Granizado flavours, apart from the traditional lemon.


Another place to go if variety is what you seek. The flavours aren’t as far-fetched as at Belgious, but you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. Some of the flavours that I would personally recommend are the Melon, Grapefruit and Jasmine, and Sambayón (an Italian dessert). The prices are very sensible too and the servings are generous, starting from €2.70… or €3.60 for a medium. The shop itself is nice too, very minimalistic and tidy.


Sometimes, it’s the simple things, like being 100% natural, that makes something taste so great. Bodevici, which can be found in the neighbourhood of Gracia, sells organic ice creams made from cows milk and naturally grown fruits. Normally when you think of “bio-produce” you think of an elevated price tag, but that’s really not the case. I paid €3.30 for two tasty scoops. Prices start from €2.30 for 1 scoop. Or if you’re feeling like really going for it, you can get 3 scoops for €4.00.

Author: Harriet Freeman

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