Restaurants in Barcelona
13 Apr
A new way to enjoy the local bars
Beer in Barcelona
There is a growing movement in Barcelona that features an everyday item so common that most people didn’t even notice the movement began: beer. Spain is a country that is usually associated with wine, this is true. And rightly so, given that no other country in Europe has as many acres of planted vineyards. But beer has always been a big part of the culture as well. Sitting on a patio or in a...
13 Mar
Belgious ice cream selection
Springtime is here in Barcelona and the weather is beginning to change. Though there are still the occasional showers, things are warming up here, so you would do well to prepare by finding out where you can get some great ice cream to cool down. Whether you're looking for a cheap scoop or two, or some top quality luxury servings of absolute creamy heaven, I've got you covered! Here are some of...
13 Feb
Moments restaurant, Barcelona
Normally I write about restaurants in Barcelona with fantastic food at great value. With Valentine's day coming up, you may be looking to treat and impress a special someone, so this week I present to you a selection of mind-blowingly good albiet expensive restaurants in Barcelona. Of course you're not going to visit these restaurants each week, or even monthly for that matter, but for special...
13 Jan
Meson del Cafe
Barcelona is a city that's full to the brim with coffee. You'll find that there's a café on practically every corner of the city. I've never actually touched on the subject of the best places to get coffee in Barcelona before, maybe it's because I'm from the UK, so unlike my American friends I don't have the caffeine-filled beverage racing through my blood. Either way, here's my opinion on the...
12 Dec
Free tapas accompanying a glass of wine
Though the notion may seem impossible, it's completely true. Traditionally, tapas has been served as an accompaniment to drinks served in bars, like in regions such as Andalucia. Barcelona is located in Catalonia though, and in this part of Spain there isn't a large tapas culture. That's not to say there isn't one, it's just... different. In Barcelona for example, there are many bars and...
12 Nov
Fonda Gaig - Catalan Restaurant
Farm-fresh ingredients in a colorful array of servings can best describe Catalan style. While there are many restaurants in Barcelona that cater to Catalan food fans, the following earn some of the biggest raves from tourists in online reviews. Take some time to explore the world of Barcelona Catalan restaurants with this list as your introduction to a world of exciting, fresh dishes. Casa Jordi...
12 Nov
Vineyard Penedes
Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world, just behind France and Italy, and its wine enjoys a tremendous reputation all over the planet. But where exactly in Spain is this wine produced? Which autonomous community produces the best wines and which produces the most? To answer these questions, taking a look at Catalonia’s record certainly offers interesting insights. Wine from...
12 Nov
Plate of tapas
Barcelona has become one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, and with this much change. Tourism has not only brought a change to the culture here, but food sometimes changes a little to appeal more to the various tastes of the newcomers to the city. There are many tapas bars in Barcelona, but how does one go about finding the most authentic? There really is not such thing...
12 Oct
Afternoon meal in Barcelona
If you're in Barcelona and your stomach starts to growl in the afternoon, don't worry, you've probably chosen the best time to be hungry! Especially if you don't want to spend much money. At around 1pm restaurants in the city begin to open. They will be offering their midday set menus which gives you the chance for a real bargain. It's not unusual to find a great restaurant for 9...
12 Sep
Barcelona is a well know vibrant and cosmopolitan Spanish city that has much to offer tourists and visitors. With plenty of museums and art galleries, some beautiful architecture and fantastic shopping there is plenty to keep everyone amused during the day. Night time sees the city come to life and many people linger over a relaxed dinner before exploring the many bars and clubs that Barcelona...
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