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The best places for coffee in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city that’s full to the brim with coffee. You’ll find that there’s a café on practically every corner of the city. I’ve never actually touched on the subject of the best places to get coffee in Barcelona before, maybe it’s because I’m from the UK, so unlike my American friends I don’t have the caffeine-filled beverage racing through my blood. Either way, here’s my opinion on the best places in the city to get your kick.

Satan’s Coffee Corner

Despite the name, this quaint little coffee shop is a modest little place with a vintage decor in the Raval area of the city. They serve a wide selection of coffees, from cappuccinos to espressos, using their own unique blends. It’s a very hip place with celebrities occasionally stopping by, which is really no wonder because the coffee here is awesome. You really couldn’t expect any less from the son of a coffee roaster, Marcos, who works the bar and has become famous amongst locals. Some people call it the best coffee in Barcelona but you’ll never know until you try it yourself. Location: – Del Peu De La Creu, 25.

Cafés el Magnífico

If Satan’s Coffee corner make a brilliant brew by pushing the boundaries, then Cafés el Magnífico make theirs by sticking to deeply rooted traditions. It has been open since 1919 and is actually the coffee shop that introduced a variety of beans to Spain, including Jamaican Blue Mountain. With almost a century of experience, and staff that personally visit the plantations to make sure they’re up to scratch in both flavour and labour standards, you would be mad to miss out on a cup of coffee from this place. Location: – Argentería, 64.

Mesón del Café

Just like el Magnifico, this pretty little coffee shop takes pride in its roots. It opened up way back in 1909 and has been feeding the coffee addiction of Barcelonians since. It’s a place that you should visit not only for the coffee, but also to witness true Catalan coffee culture, since this place has its fair share of colourful characters. You can also taste some interesting recipes like the Picardia (nothing to do with Captain Jean Luc Picard, but rather the sting that it gives), which is a mix of whiskey, milk, and espresso. Give it a go! Location: – Carrer de la Llibreteria, 16.

Federal Café

If you’re into more modern locales then check out Federal Café. The restaurant was opened by a few australians with the aim of providing authentic Australian coffee to Barcelona. Located in the Sant Antoni area of the city, this place is not just about the coffee; the food here is really great too. All coffees are served with fresh milk, and you can enjoy free access to wifi while you sip your coffee. Nice! Location: – C/ Parlament 39

That’s my selection of the four best places to sample coffee in Barcelona. Each one offers something different, but one thing is for sure, I’ll be revisiting all of them. If you go to one of these cafés, let me know your experience, or add me to facebook or Google Plus if you have any recommendations of your own.

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