The best places for ice cream in Barcelona

Belgious ice cream selection

Springtime is here in Barcelona and the weather is beginning to change. Though there are still the occasional showers, things are warming up here, so you would do well to prepare by finding out where you can get some great ice cream to cool down. Whether you're looking for a cheap scoop or two, or some top quality luxury servings of absolute creamy heaven, I've got you covered! Here are some of my favourite places to grab an ice cream in barcelona.

Gelaaati de Marco

If you're passing down Las Ramblas and decide to head towards Plaza Sant Jaume, make sure you stop off as this ice cream parlour, the quality is just mind blowing. Double chocolate chip, coffee, lemon, mojito, mango, and strawberry, are just some of the flavours that you'll find here, and while they may sound rather plain, the quality of the product is so good that it really is beyond your average ice-cream flavour. The prices aren't bad either, starting from €2.50. The bonus is that if you're a vegan, you'll soya ice-creams without any animal by-products, just ask for their "vegano" selection and they'll direct you to the ones that they have. Carrer de la Llibreteria, 7.

Gocce di Latte

Of course, it's also run by Italians. It's located in the trendy Born district of Barcelona, so if you're visiting Santa Maria del Mar then definitely stop by this place after as it's close by. There are also a great selection of toppings, like chocolate syrup, strawberry, hazelnuts, and fruit pieces. Pla de Palau 4.


It's not exclusively an ice-cream parlour, and heck, it's not even Italian, but this one is definitely worth a visit, especially for the more adventurous of you out there. What's so special about this place above the others? Well they have some really unusual flavours... Dijon Mustard Sorbet anyone? Some other over the top flavours include grilled prawns, black olives, beer (leffe blonde), curry, and even cannabis. Of course, you can order some more sane and normal flavours too, like apple, mango, pistachio, kinder chocolate, and greek yoghurt. You might as well grab a crepe too while you're there! They're at Avinyó 50 in the gothic quarter, and Rambla de Poblenou 24 if you're by the beach.

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Author: Harriet Freeman

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The best places for ice cream in Barcelona | Things to do Barcelona


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