Get a cheap easter holiday in Barcelona

Easter in Barcelona

Easter is coming and is a time of the year when many people go on holiday. If you're planning on coming to Barcelona this year, then easter is a great time to enjoy the city, as it's an actively celebrated festivity. If you want to engross yourself in Spanish culture, then you should think about planning your holiday now, because the prices are going up. What follows is advise on how to get the most out of your money when planning a trip to Barcelona this easter.


Airlines are already anticipating that people want to come to Barcelona for easter, and have already begun to raise the prices for flights around this time of year. As an example, at the time of writing, a flight to Barcelona from London Gatwick Airport with easyJet will set you back around €135 (£110) per person if you fly out on March 31st, however, if you take a few days holiday and leave on Tuesday 26th, you will slash that price down to €58 (£47). Return flights aren't so bad, if you want to leave on 1st April you can get a flight from around €68 (£55), though if you're adamant on saving money, you can leave a day earlier for only €37 (£30). Though it's recommended you take an extra day and leave on tuesday, this will give you a week in Barcelona, perfect for a first time visitor. By leaving on Tuesday, you will pay €59 (£49).


Staying in Barcelona can be relatively cheap if you know what you're doing. Assuming you've followed my money saving tips so far and have planned your flights from 26th March - 2nd April for 2 adults, then a 4 star hotel outside of the city centre in Barcelona will cost you about €657 (£561) without breakfast and €873 (£745) with breakfast. A better option is to stay in a Barcelona vacation rental in the city centre. As an example, an apartment in a prime city centre area in Barcelona (a few metres away from the Metro too) costs €515 (£439). You can check that apartment out here; OK Apartment Barcelona - Encarnacio.

That brings us to another topic; food. Rather than spend over €200 on breakfast for a week in a hotel, with the apartment you have access to your own fridge and oven, so you can spend money on breakfast as usual, and dinners too. It works out much cheaper.


Some attractions in Barcelona are free during public holidays or Sundays. For example, seeing as it's the first Sunday of the month, The Picasso Museum will have free entry. As for easter Monday, if you're unsure whether an attraction will be open or not, you can check out Parc Guell to be safe which is free, or you can visit Cosmo Caixa, the Barcelona Science Museum. There's a lot of things to see in Barcelona without paying a penny, spend some time on Barceloneta Beach, take a stroll down Las Ramblas and stop off at La Boqueria, or visit Plaça Espanya and visit Las Arenas shopping centre's roof for a 360º view of Barcelona, while you're there you can view the Magic Fountain display.

Most people say Barcelona is an expensive city to visit, but the truth is that it's not. A week holiday for only €375 per person (£320) is a great deal, you just have to plan ahead.

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Get a cheap easter holiday in Barcelona | Things to do Barcelona


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