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The magic fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona

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Magic Fountain of Montjuic at sunset
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Colourful Magic Fountain of Montjuic

There are a lot of worthy things to see in Barcelona. One of them, which you cannot miss, is the magic fountain of Montjuic. You will be delighted by the beautiful, amazing, and free nightly show that stars the waters of the fountain of Montjuic dancing to the rhythm of various styles of music… All the while being illuminated by a changing set of lights. Color, lights and water acrobatics are the main features of the magic fountain of Montjuic and while that may not sound impressive, it is certainly a spectacle to behold.

The magic fountain of Montjuic show started in 1929 for the Universal Exhibition. It was Carles Buigas who was the person responsible for such an amazing project of building an stunning fountain with low budget. He is considered to be the pioneer of “the art of light”.

Fountain Colour and light show in Barcelona

If you want to enjoy this – one of the best things to see in Barcelona - you must go to Maria Cristina Avenue. You can get there by metro, taking the red line L1 or green line L3 and getting off at Espanya. As soon as you are in the street, you will see the two gigantic Venetian towers at the front and the MNAC Palace of Montjuic at the back. Go along the avenue and you will find the magic fountain of Montjuic at the end, at the foot of the palace. Go up the first escalators and get your camera prepared to take nice shots and films.

Unfornately, the magic fountain of Montjuic does not perform every day. It is better to see it at summertime (May to September). The fountain dances from Thursday to Sunday from 9pm to 11:30pm. The rest of the year there are shows on Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm to 9pm.

Besides, the magic fountain of Montjuic has a main role on the Day of La Merce, patroness of Barcelona. On 26th September night, there is an impressive show called Piromusical which joins the magic fountain performance with fireworks. Everything is perfectly coordinated: light, color, music and fireworks!


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